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This withered hand....etc

So....The Alfa 105 restoration will have to wait until my bandage comes off. No...this was not another grinder disaster but a planned operation for a "Trigger Finger". Years of Subbuteo had finally taken their toll and unlike the plastic Peter Kitchen (Leyton Orient legend) that was repaired many times with UHU, my finger was repaired by the lovely Mr. Wudecki....He digs a Maserati.

Neil Young said that "Rust never sleeps" which leads me to believe he restored a lot of MG's, Dagenham Fords and Alfa Romeos. I love a bit of Neil Young and tomorrow when Jack "Greasy-Fingers" Penhooligan (Our apprentice) comes in, I will request a few bars of "Like a Hurricane" on the garage guitar before he makes me a strong coffee, sorts out the mess on the bench (More misplaced tools than a Tory conference) and proceeds to amaze me with his natural welding skills......No seriously....He has had about 5 hours practice in total and I trust him to work on customer's vehicles. I have to admit that he originally got the gig because he is the son of a very good mate AND the first time I heard him play a guitar I thought; "When he is rich and famous, he will remember me and let me service his fleet of Ferraris and live in the grounds of his mansion and let me fish his 7 acre lake and..." well you get the picture.

The coffee is on so pop in anytime......bring money.

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