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"That which does not kill us makes us stronger". Friedrich Nietzsche

I will start this blog with 3 predictions;

1. We will see inflation above 3.25% by the end of the year 2. May will win the election….but only just. 3. Classic car prices for all but the top end of the market are about to peak. I know most of you read this blog to hear about our jobs in hand and cars in general but sometimes things happen in life that need to be addressed and, being the only organ that I can vent my spleen on, I have to hope that someone, somewhere will listen to what I think is needed to save humanity in general.

I have sat back since Xmas and watched a select few people dictate how my life is heading. I am reading election manifestos that treat me like an idiot (I heard that). I despair that we are given “facts” that have no substance in order to make decisions that have already been decided.

What happened in Manchester last night defies logic. How do you indoctrinate someone to the point where they believe that any deity will reward such an act of brutal cowardice? How do you disenfranchise someone so spectacularly, whose very existence is granted on the back of giving their creators, their parents, sanctuary and the chance of peace? On a micro scale, I live in a place where our local representative in Parliament is so alienated from the reality around her that she has the temerity NOT to see the irony in this:

.....I am not paranoid but I was unable ....for some share this on Facebook Nice Lambo, mind (and actually the owner is a nice bloke)

What to me is even more staggering is that she gets voted in election after election. Has the population of Cornwall become so diluted with interlopers that they can vote for removal from the one institution that supports health spending, care for the elderly, pays for farming, fishing, cultural and general social needs funding? I used to joke about the burgeoning “Idiocracy” but it is no longer funny.

I see Planning Committees allow ever more “Little Boxes on the Hillside”, sanctioned on the back of the tired old phrase that “We need more housing”……Bollocks, I say.

What we give Persimmon, Wain and the like is the permission, in my opinion, to make private landlords even richer.

We have a development on the outskirts of Liskeard that, as far as I can see, just adds to the growth of our town as nothing more than a commuter town for Plymouth....and there are more "Boxes" on the way.

We need real Social Housing, we need investment in jobs and we above all need an education system that teaches our kids what “Politics” really means or we will end up with our own, home grown, white, English, disenfranchised “Terrorists”.

On a Macro scale, I believe that if we allow our present Government the chance to carry on taking away our rights and our freedom there will come a time when even writing this sort of diatribe (yes…I know I can be a bit “Mouthy”) will become illegal.

I am not a “Loony Leftie”. I just want to live in a world where compassion is more important than greed. I want my kids to get their rewards based on a meritocracy, not which bloody school or university they went to.

So…going back to my opening waffle; indoctrination is based on lies dressed up as truth.

I have little time for Corbyn as a leader but I do know where to find the well-hidden facts; Yes… he did support the IRA… BUT, he aligned himself with the faction that supported the peace process. He wasn’t blowing up Birmingham pubs or lobbing petrol bombs at our soldiers on the Falls Road……..Unlike a certain elected Conservative MP.

This is in no way a rant about making excuses for a sad, pathetic, cowardly individual. It is about how education can be usefully administered. I would hate to be a Muslim at the moment. To have to live with the bile and distortion that is no doubt about to be delivered on their doorsteps.

Anyone with even a modicum of religious education will know that Islam preaches peace and tolerance. To condemn them all is to find yourself in the same camp as those that utilise Zionist, right-wing Israeli policy as an excuse for anti-semitism.

We can change the world through education or we can destroy it through ignorance.

Right….That’s me done unless you want a very personal addition on the hypocrisy of the EFL (English Football League) who spout utter shite about “Fit and Proper” owners of football clubs like my beloved Leyton Orient in one breath and then let a Greek inherit the Earth (well Nottingham Forest) even though he has been convicted of match fixing, in another. I will do cars next time....just not in the mood at the moment.

Stay safe my friends.

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