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This septic isle.....

So....Back to proper work; the stitches are out (Thanks to lovely Sharon at Pensilva HC.) and my hand is 90% back to normal. My middle finger is still not brilliant and this is of course essential to my driving style.

I had a little insight today with regard to the sad mess that the NHS has become. Whilst Sharon was getting rid of the rather neat needlework I spotted the tweezers she was using....perfect for all sorts of things back in the garage (pulling shards of steel from apprentice's fingers, opening sachets of mayonnaise and occasionally using them on vehicles) and was staggered when she told me they were disposable. Apparently it is more cost effective than sending them away to CRS (a private company)at Derriford Hospital to be sterilised, resealed in packs and sent back. HOW? These are very good quality, stainless steel, precision instruments. I am guessing somewhere in the region of £5.00 each.

Why has our local Health Centre not got its own autoclave?

Rant over....Sorry...

Cars! That's why we are here.

Joe and I went to the car auction at Saltash today. We were looking for something that would become a Taxi for him. He has had very bad luck with cars; everything from people leaving raised flower beds in the middle of car parks - the car was 2 feet off the ground when I arrived and the whole scene had drawn quite a decent crowd (entertainment in Liskeard is limited), to gangs of amphetamine -fuelled Badgers lobbing rocks over high hedges as he passes along in his cab.

Auctions are brilliant. All humanity is there along with some unidentifiable species. We are all looking for the few cars per auction that aren't there on a penultimate journey to the scrap-yard or have had previous owners that thought servicing and maintenance was for "Mugs". We may have found one, a private sale, which we won on "Provisional". However the owner thought it was a good idea to put his car into auction and then head to Outer Mongolia for his holidays. Genius. We live in a burgeoning idiocracy where, many years from now, Goldfish will rule the world.

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